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We will get rid of your old appliances. Our Junk Removal company in Corona has been serving our city and surrounding areas with this need. Appliances get old or they simple break when that happens you just want to buy a new one but what do we do with the old appliance. That’s when we come in. You can call us to schedule a pick up and enjou not trying to do it yourself. We pick up and dipose the following items: old refrigitators, old diswashers, washwers and dryers and much more. If you have an appliance that need to get rid of but are not sure if can help you, don’t worry we do it all. The only exception we have is we don’t dipose of quemical or toxic waste. The second option we offer to our costumers is dumpster rental. We have dumpsters of different sizes depending on the need of the customer. Just give us a call and we’ll give you a quote, availabilty and confirm jur pick up.

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Appliances Removal

Why Is it So Important?

In simple layman terms, appliance removal is the safe and professional removal of old domestic or commercial appliances from the building. Electronic waste can be particularly dangerous if left exposed. It is makes it to the landfill, a lot of problems arise.

Appliance removal is done to make space for the new electronics. Among all the various kinds of junk removal, appliance removal is one of the most delicate procedures. It is not a DIY project that can be handled by one person. Electronic devices require proper handling. A slight mistake can lead to a serious accident. To avoid that, it is highly recommended that you hire professionals to dispose of the old appliances.

There are several reasons for disposing of the old appliances by the help fo professionals. Chief among them are care for the environment. This article will expound on several of those reasons.


  1. Avoiding Environmental Hazards

Old air conditioners and refrigerators release gases that are harmful to the environment. Such chemicals, when released in air, cause air pollution and are one of the primary reasons for harming the ozone layer, thus contributing to the carbon emissions. If these electronic devices make it to the landfill, they cause ground pollution as some of them may contain polluting materials such as lithium batteries.


  1. Avoiding Safety Hazards

There are plenty of safety hazards that can be caused by the old appliances. The old electronics can have exposed wires, or faulty functions that can do more harms than good. There is a list of accidents that can happen if the old appliances are taken care of. In worst case scenarios, the outdated devices can cause violent sparks and dangerous house fires.


  1. Recycling of Old Devices

Recycling is one of the best practices that you can do for the planet as well as the environment. When you hire the professionals for disposing of the outdated devices, they are more likely to recycle them than take their to the landfill. Some experts can disassemble the old devices and safely dispose of the wasteful materials while putting the parts to a completely new use.


  1. Increased Energy Efficiency

It is no secret that the old appliances suck in a lot of energy. They can cause your electric bills to fluctuate and also take in a lot of unnecessary units. Compared to that, the new and more efficient models can be quite energy efficient. For example, the old refrigerators were nothing less than heavy boxes and sucked in a lot of power units. The new fridge models are slim, and easier to move around while taking in lesser energy.


  1. Regulations Compliance

Depending on where you live, your state might have several laws regarding waste disposal and the ownership of the old appliances. It might be illegal to dump the electronic waste in the landfills. Hiring professionals to remove the old appliances can be the old way to conform to the state rules.

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