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Junk Pick up

We undestand that when you want to get rid of unwanted junk from your property you want a reliable and professional company to take care of it. For us Junk pick up is more than just having a truck and a trailer. It’s about showing up on time, having good customer service, and affordable prices. We have served hundreds of home and business owners with this need. Our goal is to become the number 1 removal company in Corona and surrounding areas. We are punctual, affordable and all of our trucks, trailers and dumpster are equipped to handle small and large jobs. In addition, we also offer dumpster rental for those customers that prefer to do it themselves. If you would like to receive a quote over the phone call us today so we can help you as soon as possible.

    Why hire our junk removal company?

    This is beautiful city and as a company we just don’t want to help our customers have a clean space but we also want to help our city be free from unwanted junk. Junk piled up whether is in a house or a commercial place can bring animals, bugs, rats, and deseases. Besides taking up space, and taking the beauty from your property it could also impact your health. Let us help you get rid of this problem for you. You are just a call away from being junk free.

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    Dumpster Rental Services

    If you have and old mattress, old fridge or any kind of junk in your house or business let us help you by removing it for you or select the other option which is renting one of our dumpsters.

    All of our dumpster come with a trailer attchached to make it easy to load and unload the  junk. If you need a 10 yard or a 20 yard, no problem we have different sizes for residential and commercial use. The trailer makes is easy to move the dumpster arround so you can have more flexibility in possitioning it wherever you want it.

    To request prices and availabitly to rent one of our dumpsters just give us a call today.

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    Other Services We Offer

    – Dumpster Rental

    – Trailers Rental

    – House and Business Clean-outs

    – Construction Debris Hauling

    – Old appliances Removal

    – Mattresses and other house items hauling

    – Office Junk Disposal

    – Commercial Junk Removal Services



    Hauling Services


    We offer hauling services in Corona, CA and surrounding areas. Let’s say you have got a large amount of junk or debris in your yard or property. The mere thought of removing it all by yourself is not only tiring but also fearsome. Not to mention, if you have a yard filled with junk of all kinds, then removing everything yourself is not only impractical it is also a major waste of your time. 

    Your best option in such a scenario is to opt for hauling services. Simply put, hauling service includes the removal of junk or debris from your property. There are many reasons for hiring hauling services in your area. Some of them are given below. 


    1. Convenience 


    One of the most attractive aspects of hauling services is convenience. You don’t have to touch any of that stuff or remove all those unwanted items by yourself. It will take your effort, and you will spend a lot of time doing things that will be unnecessary. Professional haulers are able to remove the items from your property effortlessly. 


    2. Time-Saving Option 


    One of the prime reasons for using hauling services is the aspect of time-saving. Moving all that debris all by yourself will not only take your effort, but it will also end up wasting your time. If you are in a tight time crunch, wasting your time on such endeavors is the last thing you will want to do. 


    3. Safety


    One of the main reasons why you will want to choose hauling services is the safety factor. If your debris has sensitive items such as glass or something pointed, you cannot practice safety like professionals. In serious cases, you will end up injuring yourself. It is far better to hire people who do this all the time. 

    Debris Removal Near Me

     Nobody likes clutter, especially if it is all over their living space. That’s why a lot of people in Corona, CA google the phrase debris removal near me. If you have recently shifted to your new home or booked a new place, then you will face a lot of unwanted items or debris in your place. 

    You can roll up your sleeves and try doing all of it yourself. Alternatively, you can hire professionals who can remove your debris. In fact, you will want to go with the latter option since it offers many benefits, some of which are given below. 

    1. Saving Time

    Removing all that debris is going to consume a lot of your time. You will want to hire a professional debris removal service to ensure that there is no time wastage and the job is done within a matter of hours. 

    1. Reducing Footprint and Recycling 

    Does your debris or junk contain items that can be recycled? If yes, then you will want to hire debris removal services. The main reason is that many debris removal companies are big on recycling and removing debris in an effective way. Most of them have the opportunity of recycling all that junk and reduce their carbon footprint. 

    1. Safety 

    If your debris has glass or pointed stones, then it is time to call the professionals who come equipped with the right tools. Don’t try to play hero and remove all that by yourself. You will face the risk of injuring yourself. 

    1. Peace of Mind

    Your living space is going to be decluttered in a short amount of time. It will help with your peace of mind and ensure that you have enough space to do whatever you want to do with it. 

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